Before the Big Game, Tell us About Your Favorite Football Movie!

This evening, the New England Patriots square off against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Undoubtedly the biggest sports event of the year, the Big Game will be watched by millions across the globe. It’s the rare happening that is as much about the pop culture spectacle (i.e. the halftime show and the new commercials) as it is about the on-field rivalry. From flicks packed with human drama like Friday Night Lights and The Blind Side, and Remember the Titans to comedies like The Waterboy and The Longest Yard, the sport has served as a backdrop for all sorts of engaging cinematic stories. So before you tune in to the contest of champions later tonight, we want you to pre-game by telling us which football movies are your favorites and why. Really though, when it comes to sports movies, the biggest winner is usually always the audience!