Movie Trailer of the Day: Thoroughly Modern Millie

In the 1967 Oscar-winning favorite Thoroughly Modern Millie, the “Roaring Twenties” live on in a musical comedy of innocent girls, wild flappers, romance, and crime. Julie Andrews stars as Millie, whose plan to get a job with─and then marry─a wealthy businessman finds her crossing paths with a naive girl (Mary Tyler Moore), a paper clip salesman (James Fox), a ditzy widow (Carol Channing), and a hotel house mother (Beatrice Lillie) who sells her tenants into white slavery. Songs include the title tune, “Jimmy,” “Do It Again,” and more.

Last week, we lost Carol Channing, who died of natural causes at the age of 97. We continue to remember the acclaimed actress by presenting the following trailer, which showcases her best-loved movie role:

We welcome your thoughts on this jaunty gem of a film in the comments below!

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