The Movie Tagline Game: 1989 Edition

With both our current poll and Create-A-Caption post celebrating the 30th anniversary of the films of 1989, we thought it would be fun to bring back the Movie Tagline Game — this time focusing on that eventful year in cinema. We’ve taken several movie taglines and ask you to pair them up with the film below. Think you’ve got the moxie and movie knowledge to get them all right? Then hop in your own personal time machine — a Delorean is preferred, obviously — and take this trivia challenge!

1 – The Man With the Hat is Back, and This Time He’s Bringing His Dad.
2 – It’s Last Call for Action.
3 – The Magic Is Back!
4 – Why Are They Putting Seatbelts In Theaters This Summer?
5 – It’s the Hottest Day of the Summer. You Can Do Nothing, You Can Do Something, Or You Can…
6 – To Know Lloyd Dobler Is to Love Him. Diane Court Is About to Get to Know Lloyd Dobler.
7 – Osaka, Japan. A Cop on the Edge. A Conspiracy on the Rise. A Killer on the Loose.
8 – A Comedy About One Nice Guy Who Gets Pushed Too Far.
9 – History Is About To Be Rewritten By Two Guys Who Can’t Spell
10 – They Couldn’t Hear Him. They Couldn’t See Him. But He Was There When They Needed Him…Even After He Was Gone.

1 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
2 – Road House
3 – Lethal Weapon 2
4 – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
5 – Do the Right Thing
6 – Say Anything…
7 – Black Rain
8 – The ‘Burbs
9 – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
10 – Always

How well did you do?