Poll: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas Movie?

It is perhaps the most hotly contested debate of this holiday season: Is Die Hard, the 1988 Bruce Willis action blockbuster, a holiday movie? Although the film is, like other fellow Christmas-adjacent films such as Gremlins and Lethal Weapon, set during the season of giving, is that enough of a reason to consider it a bona fide holiday flick? 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment certainly thinks so, they’ve released the above trailer that leans into its Yuletide aspects, going so far as to call it “the greatest Christmas story ever told.” Your mileage may vary of course. What do you think? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not? Vote below, and let us know your thoughts on this most pressing of holiday matters in the comments. Yippie ki yay, Santa Claus!

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This poll originally ran last year and is being reprinted as part of our 25 Days of Christmas posts!