Great Sitcom Moments: Roy Clark Appears on “The Odd Couple”

Country music legend Roy Clark died yesterday at the age of 85. Best known for helping to bring country music into the mainstream through his work on the variety series Hee Haw, Clark is considered to be one of the greatest performers in the history of the genre…and a legend whose music will live forever.

Although he is best known for his influential country and bluegrass music, let’s not forget that he also enjoyed a long career in other aspects of the entertainment industry as well outside of Hee Haw. He was a beloved guest host for The Tonight Show, and he also utilized his down-home charm as the recurring character Myrtle Halsey on The Beverly Hillbillies. (Where his performance often outshined those of the series’ main cast members).

A personal favorite TV appearance is his 1975 guest spot on The Odd Couple as Oscar’s musician friend from his Army days whom Felix introduces to high society, resulting in plenty of great music and huge laughs. Take a look at some selected scenes from the episode:

It’s been a rough week for icons, but as always we are fortunate to have the art they leave behind. Please take a moment and share your favorite Roy Clark remembrances in the comments below.