Throwback Thursday: Remembering Comics Legend Stan Lee

Earlier this week we lost comic book legend Stan Lee, who died at the age of 95. We wanted to continue to pay our respects on this Throwback Thursday by showcasing some videos that illustrate how skilled Lee was at promoting Marvel Comics and himself. So face front true believers, here are a selection of interviews and clips focusing on Stan Lee.

Thirty Minutes with Stan Lee

From 1975 comes this fascinating no-frills interview in which Lee, seated in front of a drab blue wall, shares stories about his life and the Marvel Age of Comics. Through Lee’s dynamic command of language you forget all about the cheap production values and shoddy background and focus on how his every word feels vital and exciting.

Remembering Stan Lee

Shortly after Lee’s death was made public, The New York Times presented this touching remembrance featuring footage that was filmed in 2015.

Marvel Comics Convention

Whoa, here’s a piece of pop culture — rare footage from the 1976 Marvel Comics Convention in New York City narrated by Lee. (More here).

Thicke of the Night

In 1984, Lee appeared on Alan Thicke‘s short-lived talk show Thicke of the Night to discuss the forward-thinking ideology of Marvel Comics and his attempts to get movies based on the characters off of the ground. (Something that would take decades, but as the Marvel Cinematic Universe illustrates, it was worth the wait).


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marvel Comics in 1986, the ABC news magazine show 20/20 took viewers into the fabled Marvel Bullpen to explore the past, present, and future of the company. (Watch part 2 here).

Spider-Man’s Wedding

Finally, in 1987 Spider-Man married longtime girlfriend Mary Jane Watson in the comics. To promote the issue in which the nuptials were held, a wedding was staged at New York City’s Shea Stadium prior to a Mets game — resulting in global news coverage.

We think you’ll enjoy these clips as you remember Stan Lee. There will truly never be another person like him again. ‘Nuff said.