Create-A-Caption: Big

One of the films celebrating its 30th anniversary this year is Big. Director Penny Marshall‘s delightful 1988 comedy was a critical and commercial success largely due to Tom Hanks‘ unforgettable performance as a 13-year-old who makes a wish at a carnival and awakens the next day to find himself a grown man. As he attempts to not let the pressures of adult life dim his shine, Hanks charms everyone he encounters. The result is movie magic the kind of which is far too seldom seen, thus its enduring popularity.

For this week’s Create-A-Caption, we are going to have a bit of fun with the film’s most iconic scene: When Hanks and boss Robert Loggia play “Heart and Soul” on a larger-than-life floor piano. We’ve added our comment below, so see if you can tickle the ivories (and our funny bone) with your own remark in the comments section.

You know, when you said we were going to a Billy Joel concert, I didn’t realize we were going to have to do all the work!

This post originally ran back in September, we are reprinting it today as part of our ongoing tributes to Penny Marshall.