The Hunt for These Collectibles from “The Predator” Is Over!

The Predator is currently the top film in the country, and the latest installment in 20th Century Fox’s enduring sci-fi franchise about a race of alien beings who come to Earth to hunt for sport. Packed with plenty of action, Shane Black‘s new entry showcases, literally, the latest evolution in the Predator creature.

As such, the corresponding Funko POP! vinyl toys from The Predator are representative of the otherworldly beasties given the spotlight in the film: Fugitive Predator, Predator Hound, and the Assassin Predator.

That’s a face only a mother could love. Or a sci-fi fan!

All of these come in window box packaging that shows off these fantastically designed creatures (each that measures 3 3/4 inches tall), and they will make a great addition to your Funko POP! collection. And the best part is, hunting these down is easy and not hazardous to your health!

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