FYI: 31 Days of Halloween Is Coming This October

Since stores already have their Halloween stuff out for sale (sigh, we know, we know), we thought we’d let you mull over the following bit of news: Every day this October MovieFanFare will feature special posts about horror films leading up to our annual Halloween extravaganza.

For the record, we still think it is way to early to even think about autumn, but since some of you are already enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t announce our plans right now.

Along with our usual MovieFanFare content, you can expect articles about horror movies ranging from Dracula to The Conjuring and everything in-between, as well as special polls, guest posts, Sunday Funday articles, Create-A-Captions, and other spooky surprises.

But by all means, hit the beach, enjoy the remaining days of summer. The fall will be here soon enough, and we’ll be waiting to scare up a good time for you then.

31 Days of Halloween begins on October 1st right here at MovieFanFare.