Movie Trailer of the Day: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Now available on Blu-ray in a two-disc set from the Warner Archives Collection, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is MGM’s rollicking 1954 musical set against the backdrop of 1850’s Oregon. Expertly directed by Stanley Donen (who also directed Singin’ in the Rain and Funny Face, among other classics), the film includes memorable tunes like “Lonesome Polecat,” “Bless Your Beautiful Hide,” “When You’re in Love,” and “Goin’ Courtin'” — featuring lyrics from the legendary Johnny Mercer. The film’s plot follows newlywed Milly (Jane Powell) as she attempts to marry off the six brothers of her husband, Adam (Howard Keel). Much mirthful magic follows, including the jaw-dropping barn dance sequence:

The trailer for the film is featured above, we dare you to sit through it without getting a massive smile on your face!

An earlier version of this article appeared last year on MovieFanFare, it is being reprinted to celebrate the life of Stanley Donen, who has died at the age of 94..