KL Studio Classics Releases a Trio of 1990s Hits

KL Studio Classics has just released three favorites from the 1990s on DVD and Blu-ray. Whether you are seeing these films for the first time or revisiting them once more, we think that you’ll agree that these flicks are a hat trick of entertainment. Take a look:

Bad Company

Former CIA agent Nelson Crowe (Laurence Fishburne) goes to work for a mysterious agency run by Margaret Wells (Ellen Barkin) and Vic Grimes (Frank Langella) that specializes in corporate espionage. After completing his first assignment, Crowe receives an even more dangerous one from Wells: help her “take out” Grimes and join her in running the firm. But who is Crowe really working for? Michael Beach, David Ogden Stiers co-star.

Consenting Adults

Richard Parker (Kevin Kline) is a suburban businessman whose life is turned upside down when new neighbor Eddy Otis (Kevin Spacey) invites him to swap wives one night. The neighbor’s wife soon turns up dead, Richard is accused of the murder, and his wife (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) takes up with Eddy. Rebecca Miller, Forest Whitaker, and E.G. Marshall also star in this erotic thriller from Alan J. Pakula (who also helmed the similarly themed Presumed Innocent).


Goldie Hawn is effectively cast against type as art restorer Adrienne Saunders, whose ordered domestic life with husband Jack (John Heard) falls apart as he becomes a suspect in a museum theft, and soon afterwards dies in a car wreck. Thereafter learning that he’d been living under an assumed identity for years, she delves deeper into his past…and gets drawn into a deadly series of deceptions. Moody suspenser also stars Robin Bartlett, Kate Reid.

All three of the above films are now available.