“The Making of Casablanca” Explores the Magic Behind the Movie

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One of the many books we offer, Aljean Harmetz’s The Making of Casablanca: Bogart, Bergman and World War II is an essential look behind the scenes of the creation of what is arguably the greatest film ever made. Originally published in 1992 under the title of Round Up the Usual Suspects, this updated version of the astonishing book examines the politics and personalities behind the celebrated classic, Casablanca. This critically acclaimed book draws upon years of research, including access to Ingrid Bergman‘s personal acting diaries and the vast Warner Brothers archives, as well as interviews with many of those close to the film, including the late Paul Henreid, Lauren Bacall, and scriptwriters Howard Koch and Julius Epstein. Richly detailed and full of surprises, The Making of Casablanca debunks many cherished myths about the casting, script, story, and stars, to reveal the realities of the highly pressured Hollywood studio system during World War II.
Having previously written The Making of the Wizard of Oz, Harmetz has proven herself to be one of the greatest film writers ever to explore the history of cinema in print, and this book will be rewarding to anyone who has ever loved Bogie and Bergman at their best!

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