“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” Rolls Onto Blu-ray

“Pass the ketchup”

The 1978 low-budget cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a goofy tribute to B-movies from the 1950s that is as rich with laughs as it is tomato sauce. Tired of being sliced, diced, and pureed, tomatoes around the globe are mutating to enormous size and taking their wrath out on humanity by making us the meal! Can government operative Mason Dixon (David Miller) and his ragtag team of specialists discover how to destroy the belligerent beefsteaks before the streets run red with ketchup? Wonderful sci-fi parody also stars George Wilson, Sharon Taylor.

The film never quite had the cult cachet of, say, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (a clear inspiration), Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a success in its own right. It spawned three sequels, an animated series, video games, a comic book, and even a line of action figures. Not bad for a flick that cost $100,000.

The new Blu-ray release of the film from MVD Entertainment that was just released this week ensures that these vicious vegetables will be scaring up laughs and thrills for years to come.