“The Man Who Died Twice” Is Film Noir At Its Best

It doesn’t have to be a dark and stormy night for you to watch film noir (but it sure helps), because the often-downbeat genre can be enjoyed anytime. Just released on Blu-ray and DVD by KL Studio Classics, The Man Who Died Twice is a perfect example of noir at its gritty best. Originally released by Republic Pictures way back on June 6, 1958, the film stars Vera Ralston as Lynn Brennon, a nightclub singer in a gin joint who thinks she’s on the way to Easy Street after she marries the hot spot’s owner, T.J. (Don Megowan). As you probably have guessed by now what with this being noir and all, things don’t quite go as plan. After T.J. is killed in a car crash, his and Lynn’s apartment becomes ground zero for a battle between narcotics officers and drug racketeers looking for some hidden heroin in the home. Caught up in the middle of this mess that she didn’t bargain for, Lynn desperately tries to make her way out of the danger that surrounds her. And then when an unexpected figure from her past returns, her life threatens to spiral into madness.

The Man Who Died Twice is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.