Tell Us About Your Favorite Laurel and Hardy Moments!

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Just even seeing those names in print brings a smile to my face. The Laurel and Hardy films are a comedic tour-de-force of choreography and huge laughs. With their greatest moments arguably being the period from 1929 to 1935 during which they were under contract from Hal Roach Studios and effortlessly bridged the chasm from silent pictures to talkies. (This timeframe is represented on the accurately titled Laurel and Hardy: The Essential Collection).

For this week’s Open Thread, I want you to tell me about your favorite Laurel and Hardy moments. It could be anything from something memorable that happened in one of their shorts to spending time watching their antics with your loved ones. There are no wrong answers here, just memories of laughter that will reverberate throughout pop culture forever.