What Horror Movie Has Given You Nightmares?

Sometimes movies stick with you long after you’ve left the theater…and not in a good way. When I was a kid, I was terrified of Jason from the Friday the 13th films. I remember one time my brother and his friends watching Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in the back room of my childhood home on my parents’ massive Zenith TV (the thing was more a piece of furniture than a television set). I joined them thinking that this time I wouldn’t be scared of Jason’s murderous antics. Wrong. That night for what seemed like weeks after I had terrible nightmares of Jason attacking me like I was a randy teenager at Camp Crystal Lake. Years later, I realized that my fears were ridiculous and as an adult I have come to appreciate the movies for the enjoyable — and at times really inventive (i.e. the under-appreciated Jason X) — entertainment that they are.

So now that you’ve heard my story, I want to hear yours. For this week’s Open Thread, tell me in the comments below what horror movie or movies have impacted you so much that they gave you nightmares. (And yes, if a movie isn’t a horror flick but still scared you I want to know about that as well). Also, how did these bad dreams change the way you look at the films? Or did you choose to never see them again after they impacted your sleep?

Just remember, these are only movies…or are they?

This article originally ran last year, and is being reprinted as part of our 31 Days of Halloween celebrations!