Five Vincent Price Favorites Scare Up Thrills In a New Collection

Vincent Price. Even just seeing those words up on screen conjure up spooky memories. A true iconoclast, Price may have died in 1993 but really, he never left. He’s still everywhere in pop culture — taunting Batman and Robin, frightening the Brady kids during their Hawaiian vacation, rapping at the end of “Thriller,” and, of course, generally being a staple in a huge array of the best scary films ever made.

During this time of year, we find ourselves appreciating Vincent Price more than usual as his contributions to the horror genre are immeasurable. A new release from Mill Creek Entertainment that is out this week called Vincent Price Collection: 5 Frightening Features brings together some of his best-loved works as a Halloween present for old fans and new. Here’s a description:

Delve into the world of Vincent Price – experience films from the man that made Horror a work of art! House on Haunted Hill – A wealthy man offers a hefty amount of money to a select five people that concur to being trapped in a haunted rental house overnight. Last Man on Earth – Illness reforms any spark of human life into living dead, and the last man left on earth is forced to set out as a vampire hunter. Shock – After a woman witnesses a man commit murder, she is locked into a private asylum to face her psychological issues – but the one who admitted her may be the one who indefinitely needs help. The Bat – When psycho killer, ‘The Bat,’ escapes, he runs loose in a mansion filled with people. The Jackals – The heart does in fact, speak louder than the mind – convicted bank robber is after a gold miner, but quickly falls in love with his granddaughter, leading to a change of plans. – This is a multiple-item set containing these film/programs: The Bat, House On Haunted Hill, The Jackals, The Last Man On Earth, and Shock.

Share with us your Vincent Price movie memories below. We know that he will be a huge part of your viewing plans this Halloween season!