What’s Your Favorite Sports Movie?

With baseball teams racing towards the World Series and another NFL season just recently getting underway, a lot of people will be spending this weekend watching their favorite squads attempt to find victory. But what are you to do if you are both a sports and movie lover? Why watch one of the countless great films that have been made about life on and off field over the years. Movies like Brian’s Song, Rudy, The Natural, and The Blind Side are obviously all solid choices, but my favorite sports movie will always be Raging Bull. Director Martin Scorsese‘s masterful 1980 drama rightfully won Robert De Niro an Academy Award for Best Oscar for his portrayal of legendary boxer Jake LaMotta. A riveting psychological exploration that also features incredible fight sequences, Raging Bull remains an absolute cinematic knock out. Earlier this week, LaMotta died at the age of 95, giving this film an additional layer of poignancy. I plan on revisiting Raging Bull this weekend, and I encourage you to do the same. But first, please take a minute and let us know in the comments below what your favorite movie about sports is and why. In this game, there are no losers.