What’s Your Favorite Harry Dean Stanton Role?

When Harry Dean Stanton died last week, he left behind an incredible body of work that illustrated how he was the foremost character actor of our time. He began his acting career in 1954 with an appearance on the largely forgotten TV series Inner Sanctum, and was most recently seen on screens reprising his role as Carl Rodd in Twin Peaks. With nearly 200 film and television credits to his name, Stanton will live forever through the roles that delighted and captivated audiences for decades. Primarily known for playing gruff or cagey characters, he gave each role he played a knowing soulfulness that made the person he was inhabiting seem truly alive. We wanted to honor Stanton’s legacy this week with a poll that asks you to name your favorite of his roles. Obviously given the sheer volume of projects he was involved with over the past 50 years we had to whittle down the options for brevity’s sake, choosing to include his most notable acting efforts. If your particular favorite role of his isn’t included, vote for the ‘Other’ option and tell us what it is in the comments. Most importantly, let us all be thankful that his talent has been captured on film for us to forever rewatch and enjoy.

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