1980s Nostalgia Alert: Dynasty: The Complete Series Is Coming!

The wealth! The fashion! The drama! The slaps! Dynasty truly had it all. ABC’s hit 1981-89 prime time soap chronicled the shady dealings, bedroom shenanigans, and bitter rivalries of the wealthy Carrington clan. John Forsythe starred as family patriarch Blake Carrington, with Linda Evans as devoted second wife Krystle and second-season arrival Joan Collins as Alexis, Blake’s scheming first wife. Other cast members over the years included Diahann Carroll, Jack Coleman, Heather Locklear, and Emma Samms. Let’s look at some of the show’s greatest moments, shall we?

Alexis vs. Dominque

The show’s breakout character was Joan Collins’ as Alexis, here she is in perhaps her most outrageous moment

And of course, the slap fight heard around the world

Outrageous and entertaining, Dynasty: The Complete Series is as enjoyable as ever. It hits DVD on October 10th. Plan your 1980s parties accordingly. Just maybe not watch it poolside, just in case.