Make “All Mine To Give” Yours

There’s nothing quite like the melodramas of the 1950s. A prime example of this genre is the 1957 effort All Mine To Give. Just released on DVD via the Warner Archive Collection, the movie — based on actual experiences that were chronicled in a 1946 Cosmopolitan article entitled “The Day They Gave Babies Away” — features a screenplay from the piece’s co-author, Dale Eunson that give the proceedings an air of authenticity. In the 1850s, young married couple Robert (Cameron Mitchell) and Mamie Eunson (Glynis Johns) are possessed with the pioneer spirit and decide to emigrate from Scotland to Wisconsin, U.S.A. Settling and raising six children in the town of Eureka, the household enjoys a prosperous existence until a heartbreaking tragedy strikes the parents and forces the 12-year-old eldest son (Rex Thompson, who also narrates the film) to take charge of their destiny. The struggles endured by a family attempting to make their dreams come true despite insurmountable odds remains as universal as ever. That’s a huge reason behind All Mine To Give‘s success, but attention must also be paid to Max Steiner‘s memorable score — one of his most underrated works. Full of adventure, drama and heart, this is a film that you’ll want to make yours…now and forever.