“Rocky” Meets “Robocop” In This Hilarious Music Video

In their own way, both Rocky and Robocop are the ultimate underdog movies.

Think about it.

In Rocky, Sylvester Stallone plays an amateur pugilist from Philadelphia who gets thrust into the big time when he is tapped to square off against World Heavyweight Champ Apollo Creed in the ring. Meanwhile, Robocop is the story of an honorable police officer who is murdered in the line of duty and brought back to life as a mix of man and tech to fight crime. Along the way he is disliked by his former peers who fear that his high-tech upgrades will cause them their jobs, and he also must with the crooks behind the very project that resurrected him. The odds are quite clearly against both of these characters.

Obviously these are very different stories, but they work surprisingly well when mashed up together. At least that’s the lesson taught by the music video for Alex Metric and Steve Angello’s “Open Your Eyes.” Directed by and starring British comedian Peter Serafinowicz, this video is a hilarious chronicle of the ultimate battle between humans and technology. Serafinowicz plays a Rocky surrogate who is planning a high-profile fight with the robotic ED-210 (a sequel model to Robocop‘s ED-209). Can man triumph against machine? To tell you any more would give away this clip’s various big laughs and surprises, but take my word on it, this is one of the most entertaining — if unexpected — music videos ever made.

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This article originally appeared on MovieFanFare in March