Happy 75th Birthday To Harrison Ford!

If you grew up in the 1980s, no actor was more iconic to you than Harrison Ford. From his roles in the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films to work in other beloved movies of the era such as Blade Runner and Witness, Ford’s career has been one that has endured across the decades. (Especially due to roles in diverse material like Working Girl, The Fugitive, and Air Force One that really showed off how skilled of an actor he truly is).

Yet despite all of these great parts, to me Harrison Ford will always be Han Solo or Indiana Jones. The reasoning for this is because these are classic characters, full of humor and heroism, who set my imagination soaring as a child. And, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull aside, they still do. Ford’s movies helped shaped my taste in film, and gave me an early appreciation of how magical and full of wonder cinema can be. So I’m going to take some time today to watch some of my favorite Ford films, and I encourage you to mark this milestone by doing the same.

Also, let us know why you think that Harrison Ford has enchanted audiences since he first began his career back in the ’70s, and don’t forget to tell us which of his roles is your favorite and why. He’s a national treasure, and an true everyman whose appeal is universal. Many happy returns Mr. Ford, and thank you for all the entertainment over the years!