Musings On Summer Movies

What to watch? It’s the eternal question for movie lovers, and a problem that recently plagued Bill Dunphy, who writes in with today’s guest post:

Last night, I was at home in bed around 10:30 pm, and ready to watch, something, but what, my mind said, a summer movie. But, what is a “summer” movie? To me, this designation means 1776, The Summer of ’42, Jaws, Picnic, The Seven Year Itch, or, maybe, Mister Roberts! And I thought what makes a movie, a “summer” movie to somebody is whatever makes you think, feel, or “be” in the summer. Now, this is obviously very subjective, it’s very personal, it’s very, you, only! It could have been a movie you saw as a kid, in the summertime, or a movie that makes “you” think of the summer, or maybe, it’s just a movie that, well, makes you feel warm. There is no wrong answer.

I can remember watching movies at the old Adams Theatre in Dorchester, back in the late 40’s that had nothing to do with summer, but, nonetheless, they make me think of summer. Movies like, The Phantom of the Opera, the wonderful Claude Rains version! Now that is not particularly a “summer” movie, but… (Hell, Claude Rains didn’t even get top billing in the film, Nelson Eddy did, but, you, and I, know Claude stole the film, as he so often did, but, I digress, or did I go off in a tangent, whatever!)

Back to the subject at hand, what makes a movie a “summer” movie to you ? I can still remember watching the classic movie, The Thing, at the Wollaston Theatre in the early 50’s, I do not recall it as The Thing from Another World, just, The Thing. Jackie, Squeeky, and I, saw it in the summer, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s a summer movie. I wonder what Jack, & Squeeky are doing now, and if they think the same, or even remember the even ? I just thought of a couple of other movies “I” consider “summer” movies, Body Heat, somewhat more obvious, and also, The Perfect Storm. Oh well, I have my many, “summer” movies, and it’s not even my favorite season. Just wait until the fall!

Bill Dunphy enjoys photography, cooking, reading, and, of course, movies–of which he has about 350 in his library.

This article originally ran on MovieFanFare last summer, and we are reprinting it today in honor of the 4th of July.