Happy 101st Birthday to Olivia de Havilland!

Today is an absolute milestone that few — let alone Hollywood royalty — get to reach, because it is the 101st birthday of film legend Olivia de Havilland. With roles in fare like Dodge City, Gone with the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Snake Pit (among many others), she had a 53 year career in which she made 49 film appearances. To this day, she continues to make headlines, such as her recent lawsuit with the FX network over her portrayal in their series Feud, which documented the contentious relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. On behalf of all of us here at MovieFanFare, we extend our warmest wishes to Olivia de Havilland and wish her many happy returns! She is a true original, and one of the most inspirational actresses of all time.

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