What’s The Best Family Film of All-Time?

A huge aspect of the wonder of cinema is its ability to bring people together. This is especially true with families. Think about some of your own most cherished movie memories, and I’m willing to bet some of them include time spent gathered either in a theater or drive-in or in front of your home television with your mother and father and siblings close by. How many of you had a parent share with you one of their favorite films during your adolescence, hoping that you would love the story and acting as much as they did? When you think about seeing a certain movie, are you transported to a time and place now long gone? These questions are more rhetorical than anything, because the obvious answer in most cases to these queries will be yes, as the magic of movies is forever linked to memory, and those we shared the viewing experience with. Maybe this helps explain why family films carry such a special place in our hearts. Classic fare suitable for the entire family (be it anything from the original versions of The Jungle Book and Charlotte’s Web to more recent fare like the Night at the Museum) is always enjoyable, so for this weekend’s Open Thread we want you to let us know which family film is your all-time favorite, and why? A tough decision to be sure, but one that we think you–and your loved ones–are more than up to the challenge of answering!