Poll: What’s Your Favorite TV Sitcom Spin-Off?

These days, TV prequels and revivals have replaced spin-offs as a way for your favorite shows to achieve immortality on the small screen. Given the cyclical nature of the entertainment industry, we have no doubt that spin-offs will once again gain traction as a television trend. For this week’s poll, we want to look back at TV history and examine some of the finest spin-offs ever to see which is your favorite…from The Facts of Life to Frasier and beyond. We’ve also included selections from the 1970s, the indisputable Golden Age of the Spin-Off. (Options on the list include the All in the Family spin-off Maude and that Bea Arthur-starring series’ own spin-off, Good Times). This poll is a tough one, we can’t wait to see how you vote!

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