The “Alien” Disco 45: In Space, No One Can Hear You Dance

Alien is easily one of the scariest and best science-fiction flicks of all time, but a phenomenon on the dancefloor? Not so much. But that didn’t stop some enterprising musicians from trying to make Jerry Goldsmith‘s memorable score from the film into a disco sensation. Taking the name Nostromo (from the ship featured in the film), British recording engineer, songwriter and producer Kenny Denton and some studio musicians released an electronic-flavored version of Goldsmith’s main Alien theme as a 45 and 12″ on Bronze Records. It didn’t exactly inspire Saturday night fever, and today is largely remembered only as a curiosity, and one of the last remnants of the science fiction disco craze that began with Meco’s stunning rendition of the Star Wars theme and then ran its course throughout every other genre film released in the late 1970s. (We previously covered the jaw-dropping amount of Close Encounters of the Third Kind disco here on the site). Even though this song isn’t exactly rug-cut worthy, it is still a fantastically enjoyable souvenir from a strange and gone too soon time when a little bit of outer space came the night clubs across the world.

This article originally in 2017, we are reprinting it today as part of our Alien Day celebrations.