Flashback Friday: Check Out This Vintage Review of “The Toxic Avenger”

The Toxic Avenger is a terrible movie, but I have to admit, it has its moments.”

With those words, veteran New York City film critic Judith Crist summed up The Toxic AvengerMichael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman‘s 1984 schlock masterpiece about “the first superhero from New Jersey.” After being dumped on by his peers and dumped in chemical wastes, a 98-pound nerd becomes the disfigured defender who cleans up the town his way — with hilarious results. The movie became an instant cult sensation, spawning the unlikeliest franchise in the history of cinema (it’s spawned several sequels, a cartoon series, a comic book, action figures, and even a musical) and helping to put Troma Films on the map. As goofy as it is charming, The Toxic Avenger is nothing short of a watershed moment in independent film.