“The Best Years of Our Lives” Is A Film to Cherish

In honor of Memorial Day, we are reprinting this post from last year that looks back at a powerful film that examines the struggles and sacrifice of our veterans, The Best Years of Our Lives.

Seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, went to William Wyler‘s 1946 drama about a trio of World War II veterans who return home and must fight their own personal battles for acceptance and adjustment. Dana Andrews stars as an Air Force officer dealing with a loveless marriage; Fredric March is a sergeant trying to reconnect with his wife and children; and real-life amputee Harold Russell is a young sailor coping with the loss of his hands. With Myrna Loy, Teresa Wright co-star.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

With the subject matter being so fresh in everyone’s mind, the film struck a chord with audiences of the era, earning $11.5 million at the box office — a feat that was nearly unheard of at the time. It continues to resonate with viewers 71 years later thanks to its timeless and human message of sacrifice and yearning.