Movie Trailer of the Day: The Wizard of Oz

Not a holiday film per se, but The Wizard of Oz has become a beloved part of everyone’s seasonal viewing thanks to the fact that it is so family friendly. (And indeed, the rare film that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages all year round). A perfect example of the film’s relationship with the holiday season can be seen in A Christmas Story, when Ralphie has no patience with people dressed as the characters who have been hired to entertain children in line to see Santa Claus. Due to the sheer magic and unforgettable songs of The Wizard of Oz, it has endured across the decades, constantly finding new generations of viewers eager to follow Dorothy over the rainbow and down the Yellow Brick Road. It’s unimaginable that anyone out there reading this hasn’t experienced the film’s wonderment multiple times, but, if on the odd chance this is true, we encourage you to check it out immediately. The story is simple: Not in Kansas anymore after a tornado whisks her away to the Land of Oz, Dorothy is off for adventure in the Emerald City with the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto, too, all the while being chased by the Wicked Witch of the West and looking for a way home. But the themes the film offers — yearning for home, taking comfort in friends, discovering your inner strength — are as timeless as ever, as are the film’s jaw-dropping production design and outstanding performances from Judy Garland and company. The Wizard of Oz is undeniable proof that movie magic exists, and that’s why it continues to be beloved by countless millions of viewers across the globe.