Sausage Party and This Week’s Other DVD & Blu-ray New Releases

Here’s the lowdown on what new titles are now available!

Sausage Party

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s outrageously raunchy farce–CGI-animated, but most definitely not for kids–is set in the shelves of a supermarket, where affable hot dog Frank (voiced by Rogen), like the rest of his fellow foodstuffs, has no greater dream than to someday be purchased and taken home. Tipped to the horrible truth of what actually happens to food once it gets to the kitchen, can he and his small cadre of comestibles stage a revolt? With the voices of Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera. 89 min.

Morris from America

The normal challenges of adolescence faced by 13-year-old African-American Morris Gentry (Markees Christmas) got ratcheted up to other dimensions when his soccer coach single dad (Craig Robinson) uprooted them to take a gig in Heidelburg, Germany. Between his aspirations to rap stardom, the kindness of a collegiate language tutor (Carla Juri), and the teasing interest of a rebellious classmate (Lina Keller), he’ll have a cross-cultural odyssey to remember, in this singular coming-of-age tale from Chad Hartigan (“This Is Martin Bonner”). 91 min.


Based on the novel by Philip Roth, this engaging drama focuses on Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman), a young man from a working-class New Jersey family attending a small Ohio college in the early 1950s. Marcus, who was raised Jewish but identifies as an atheist, clashes with the school’s dean (Tracy Letts) over religion’s relationship to academics, and begins an intense affair with Olivia (Sarah Gadon), a beautiful, wealthy, and troubled fellow student. With Pico Alexander, Danny Burstein, Linda Emond. 111 min.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1

All 13 episodes from the first season are included in this set. 11 3/4 hrs. total.