How Do You Feel About Twists In Movies?


With word that M. Night Shyamalan‘s upcoming film Split contains the director’s most audacious twist yet (don’t ask me what I is, as I have no clue), I’ve been thinking about films whose surprise is telegraphed before its release. Do you enjoy going into a movie knowing that there will be a twist, or would you prefer to just watch a film without knowing about any potential rug-pulling? Do you feel that twists enhance a film, or are merely gimmicks that mask the inherent problem of a film’s script? Is it even possible to keep any secrets about a movie quiet in 2016? I want to hear how you guys feel about this issue. And what is your all-time favorite movie twist? I want o know! As for this article’s twist? I WAS A GHOST THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS WRITING THIS! Spooky! Anyway, sound off below!