Movie Trailer of the Day: Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Blood Feast”

Yesterday, the motion picture industry lost a giant with the passing of Herschell Gordon Lewis at the age of 87. Nicknamed the “Godfather of Gore,” Lewis is widely credited with creating the horror subgenre of the splatter film through his work in no-to-low budget masterpieces like Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs, and A Taste of Blood. (He also was a regular on the exploitation film circuit, as evidenced by works like She-Devils on Wheels and Just for the Hell of It). We can think of no better tribute than dedicating today’s Trailer of the Day post to Lewis’ classic Blood Feast. His impact on genre filmmaking is unparalleled, and while he will be truly missed, the huge body of work that he leaves behind will inspire countless cinephiles in the decades ahead.