FYI: “Howard The Duck” Was Released Thirty Years Ago Today

One of the most notorious — and overly maligned — films ever made, Howard the Duck was released on this day back in 1986. Although the film was universally panned upon its initial release (and became a go-to punchline throughout the ’80s), it has become something of a cult film in the subsequent three decades between then and now. It may be an absolute mess of a flick that is tonally all over the place, it has earned its place in cinematic history for becoming the first big budget film ever based on a Marvel comic…and it certainly has its goofy charm as well.

Above is a music video for the movie’s title track that was made to help promote the film. I can’t imagine that it was ever played on MTV, but it is noteworthy because it features new footage created especially for this flick. Keen-eyed viewers will notice a cameo by George Clinton, one of many famous musicians — including Thomas Dolby, Stevie Wonder, and Joe Walsh — who contributed to the film’s soundtrack. Love or hate the film, there’s little denying that this song is a catchy earworm. As for Howard himself, he is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance thanks to his cameo in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and a current comic book in which the most recent issue brought things full circle by featuring Lea Thompson in a supporting role.

Not bad for a duck from outer space!