Jason Voorhees Unmasked

Jason-VoorheesThough the hockey mask is now iconic, it was world renowned make-up artist Tom Savini who created the original look for young Jason Voorhees (Ari Lehman) for the first Friday the 13th movie. Below are more stills of boogeyman Jason sans his infamous mask. Can you match the picture to the correct film? Those needing a bit of help will find some subtle clues given in the accompanying film summaries. (Warning: Spoilers abound.)



Friday The 13th – B
In 1957 Jason Voorhees drowns in Camp Crystal Lake while the teen supervisors are off having sex. The following year, after a young couple runs off to play hanky-panky, they end up dead. The movie then scoots to the present-day 1979 re-opening of the camp where a local warns a hitchhiking counselor about the camp’s bad vibes. She shoulda listened.  Camp “Blood” soon sees all its adolescent employees (including Kevin Bacon!) getting bumped off one by one. Don’t blame Jason, though; it’s Mom who’s lost her head over his death.

Friday The 13th, Part 2 – G
It is five years later (1984) and teens returning to Crystal Lake to open a new camp are still ignoring the dire warnings of “crazy” old men not to go. Tsk-tsk. Apparently Jason had not drowned in the lake all those years ago. With a sack covering his repulsive visage, a still young albeit disfigured Jason has been lurking in the woods all this time taking his vengeance upon those pesky promiscuous teens who keep showing up.

Friday the 13th, Part III – K
Dismissing the claims of a loony townsman once again, teens descend on Higgins Haven, a lakefront property where—guess what!—Jason is holing up as well. Donning his trademark hockey mask for the first time (because he could pass for a deformed older brother of the Banjo Boy from Deliverance), Jason continues his rampage until he is finally killed…almost.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – E
Yippee! The final chapter! Jason is taken to the morgue, but, in Princess Bride parlance, it seems he is only mostly dead. Jason arises to slash his way out of the morgue and back to Crystal Lake. Ah, home! There’s no rest for the wicked though, there’s naughty skinny dippers to be dealt with. After slicing & dicing his way through most of the hedonistic group, the pasty prune-faced Jason sees—up close and personal—the business end of a machete. End of story.

Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning – C
Oh, not end of story. We begin anew with Tommy Jarvis, killer of Jason in the previous movie, entering a halfway house for those with mental problems. Immediately, killings bearing Jason’s m.o. commence. Is it Tommy or someone else doing the nasty deeds? Well, it’s both. Kinda. See, turns out the hockey-masked killer here is simply a paramedic who is avenging his son’s death. (Wha?) But hold on! There’s a twist ending where Tommy dons the mask, ready to kill. Confused? Join the club.

Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives – D
Remember where part five left off with goalie-masked Tommy ready to continue Jason’s frightful legacy? Well forget that. Tommy and a fellow mental patient (Welcome Back Kotter’s Horshack!) go to Jason’s grave intending to incinerate his maggot-infested body; instead they reanimate him. Oops. Nothing worse than an unstoppable, undead, zombie Jason. Mayhem ensues, culminating in Jason being chained to the lake’s bottom, where he sleeps with the fishes once again.

Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood – F
Filmmakers of the original Friday could be forgiven for pilfering from Stephen King’s Carrie for the shocking climax. Here they steal King’s story whole-cloth. Telekinetic Tina tries to raise her father from the bottom of Crystal Lake where he died years ago. Her powers work…just not on her Dad; she accidentally unshackles Jason instead, who goes on to do what he does best. This sets up a final battle between her and Jason. Just when you think Jason’s got her beat, damp Dad emerges from the depths to drag Jason back down under.

Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – L
Jason is revived via power line and stows away to kill a graduating class aboard the dilapidated freighter SS Lazarus (har-har) bound for NYC—and please don’t try to figure out how that ship somehow goes from Crystal Lake to Manhattan. Yet again the horny high-schoolers ignore a whack-job’s warnings that they are doomed. Only a handful make it to the Big Apple, with a slimy, waterlogged Jason in hot pursuit. The film winds up with toxic waste washing over Jason, scrubbing away the decay, leaving a young boy at the sewer’s bottom. Huh?

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday – H
Yippee! The final Friday! Jason returns from out of nowhere to prowl Crystal Lake. Before he makes that first kill he is ensnared by the FBI and blown to bits. His remains are sent to the morgue where the coroner eats his black heart and is thus possessed by Jason’s demonic spirit, the personification of which is an evil-looking snake-like thingee. That creature travels from host to host and can only be killed with a magical dagger—no, we’re not making this up—by the hands of a Voorhees family member, which ultimately happens. Finito!

Jason X – A
Oh, not finito. Jason is cryogenically frozen and in the year 2455, while aboard a space station a randy couple accidentally cause him to be revived. Jason resumes his homicidal ways until coming across Kay-Em 14. The android easily dispatches the inferior specimen, but happens to knock Jason into a nanotechnology ward where a computer rebuilds him into a powerful cyborg. Uber-Jason decimates Kay-Em 14 and after an outer space struggle is propelled into Earth Two’s atmosphere, where two teens watch a “falling star” drop into a nearby lake.

Freddy vs. Jason – J
All but forgotten, Freddy can no longer haunt the dreams of Elm Street children. Posing as Jason’s mother, he tricks Jason into roaming his neck of the woods instead of Crystal Lake, and soon repossesses his hold over them. But Freddy is increasingly annoyed that Jason refuses to leave his personal hunting grounds. Freddy almost defeats Jason by giving him nightmares of being drowned as a child. Eventually the two horror icons meet up at Crystal Lake where they both mortally wound each other. Or do they?

Friday the 13th – I
This is the series reboot movie. A young Jason watches as his murderous mother gets decapitated at Camp Crystal Lake. Fast forward 30 years when dope-smoking, sex-loving teens are coming into the woods. Jason begins his wayward anti-hedonism crusade by killing them all off—all except for a girl who resembles his mother whom he kidnaps instead. When her brother and friends come looking for her you know what to expect. Bro does manage to rescue her, then stabs Jason to death, and throws the body into the lake. But not for long…

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