’70s Flashback: TV Favorites Remembered

All in the familyL Favorite TV Shows form the 70sSaying that the 1970s were a tumultuous decade is an obvious understatement. Crime was up, employment down, and an unpopular war divided the nation. Hmm, sounds familar doesn’t it? Anyways, without getting political let’s just say that it was time packed with much uncertainty and doubt. This societal upheaval was perfectly reflected in an assortment of shows from the era that really helped cement television’s reputation as a legitimate artform. For this installment of ’70s Flashback, we’ll be looking at the opening credits sequences of several of my favorite shows from the decade. (Be sure to name your favorites in the comments). From the politically incorrect opinions of Archie Bunker to everybody’s favorite lollipop-loving detective and beyond, here’s a trip down memory lane to the wonderful chaos of the 1970s. Don’t be a dingbat or meathead, check out these intros!

All in the Family

For sitcom fans, those really were the days!

Good Times

Groundbreaking comedy and drama with the Evans family.

Happy Days

Whatever happened to Chuck Cunningham anyways?


And then there’s Maude!


Who loves ya baby? We all still do Telly!

What’s Happening?

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Raj, Rerun and the gang!

Of course, with so many great shows debuting during the “me decade,” there’s no way I could fit all of these yesteryear classics into one post. Look for another ’70s Flashback post on TV favorites coming soon! In the meantime, let me know what your favorite shows from the 1970s were and why in the comments! Until then, stay groovy.