Happy Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day from MovieFanFare!

FRIDAY-THE-13THVALENTINES-DAY-2FERSome cynics out there might call this the perfect weekend: a Friday the 13th followed by Valentine’s Day. Here at MovieFanFare, we’ll wear our heart on our sleeve (yuck!) for this intersection of misfortune and romance while we ask you the following two-part question: What do you think are the most romantic horror flick and most star-crossed love film? Erik the Phantom of the Opera bringing Christine to his underground lair, The Frankenstein Monster wanting a bride, and Quasimodo saving Esmerelda from the hangman certainly each qualify for the former, while the latter category includes such classic couples as Romeo and Juliet, Heathcliff and Cathy from Wuthering Heights, and, of course, Sid and Nancy. Share your thoughts on love and bad luck at the movies with us, and whether you’re stepping over cracks or buying roses, have fun this weekend.