This Week in Film History, 07.27.14

July 31, 1928: Audiences first hear MGM mascot Leo the Lion’s mighty roar with the studio’s first sound film, White Shadows in the South Seas.

July 27, 1950George Pal‘s Destination Moon, one of the first films to offer a serious look at space exploration, opens.

July 30, 1966: With all of the “BIFF! POW! SOCK!” of the campy TV show, Batman, starring Adam West, marks the hero’s first film appearance since 1943.

August 1, 1973American GraffitiGeorge Lucas‘ nostalgic time capsule, opens. The cast of then-unknowns includes Richard Dreyfuss and Harrison Ford.

August 2, 1976Fritz Lang, the Austrian-born helmer of Metropolis and The Big Heat, dies in Los Angeles at the age of 85.

July 27, 1983: Tom Cruise teaches audiences the fine art of dancing in one’s underwear in the hit comedy Risky Business.

August 1, 1986: The first feature film based on a Marvel Comics series, the infamous cinematic “turkey” Howard the Duck, opens.

July 31, 1987: Timothy Dalton takes over the role of secret agent James Bond with the 007 adventure The Living Daylights.

July 27, 2003: America says “Thanks for the Memories” as stage/screen/radio/TV comedy legend Bob Hope dies at the age of 100.

July 30, 2007: A pair of iconic European filmmakers–Italy’s Michelangelo Antonioni and Sweden’s Ingmar Bergman, pass away at 94 and 89, respectively.

July 30, 2010: Seventeen years after buying it for $60 million, Disney sells off Miramax Films to an outside investor firm for $660 million.