Ben Affleck: Overrated or Underrated?

The storm has calmed. Fans are taking a few breaths. Now that the reality of Ben Affleck being the next Batman has set in and the tide of overly snide #Batfleck tweets has been stemmed, somewhat, by other Bat-related gossip about the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, cooler heads can now prevail with a level-headed assessment of the man’s lively screen career.

Have his matinee-idol looks helped him as an actor…or hurt him by limiting the kinds of roles he can play? What to make of his directing talents?—after all, his 2012 film Argo won the Best Picture Oscar…and Affleck didn’t even make the cut to score a Best Director nomination, let alone a trophy. Clearly some people must feel him to be overrated, while the public surprise greeting that snub reveals others to likely consider him underrated.

Movie Irv is ready for the challenge:

Irv didn’t mention Daredevil, so let me be one among the apparently very few to say that I thought he did well by the role in an underrated movie (that even Affleck now underrates!)—so that alone should tell you what my vote would be.  And I never needed to forgive him for Gigli, because I never saw it. (That might also be one more reason I can still be High on J. Lo) But let’s turn the discussion over to you now, and how you rate le cinéma de Ben Affleck…