What Movie Has Gotten BETTER Over Time?

There are some films that are a little slow out of the gate to become classics. Citizen Kane wasn’t instantly “the greatest film ever made” (nor was Vertigo, the movie that recently knocked Kane off the tippy-top of the kinda-sorta venerated Sight & Sound list); as the heat wears off a film’s immediate reception, be its fate a polarizing picture or shocking flop, cooler heads often prevail and later raise the public’s estimation of that movie to a more heightened status.

Or, maybe it just happens for you in particular. The first film that always comes to my mind with this question is David Fincher’s Fight Club, a movie I didn’t appreciate at first, but couldn’t stop thinking about…so I watched it over and over again, until I realized there was a reason for all those Repeat Viewings. The film is a modern-day classic.

Irv now has the floor for his response. It’s a doozy!

Are you on board with Irv and his re-think of this film? Have you got a title of your own to offer? Let’s hear about it! A movie’s reputation isn’t set in stone, so as far as I’m concerned, there’s still hope for The Lone Ranger.