There’s No Shamus in Playing Another Round of Cinemassociations

Well, this time there is, I guess—because after we went a round or two with “Woody,” the original word I tossed Movie Irv’s way, he went off on trails so strange he found himself unable to complete a list of 10 Cinemassociations he found satisfactory. So we bagged the opener that could have led him down the path of “Buzz” or “Mia” and I quickly came up with a new word.

I thought for sure he’d go straight to Bogart, but no:

It’s always a roll of the dice with this game, because not only can it get you thinking about movies you’d like to see again, or add to your own library…it can also bring about the frustration of discovering that a movie from the Burt Reynolds filmography is not currently available. Come on, Sony: whether you think the Good Ol’ Boy is overrated or underrated, the unavailability of that film really is a Shamus!

(UPDATE: Oh, I spoke too soon! You may, in fact, get Shamus on this quadruple-bill. At least for now…)

Fortunately, Irv tops off this week’s fun list with a reference to inspire movie geeks across the galaxy to…continue our game in the comments.