Judy Garland: Dorothy Gale vs. Esther Blodgett

Judy Garland

One actor. Two film roles. You tell us which portrayal was the best. The most memorable. Or iconic. Or simply your favorite.

But before you pass judgment, a few words defending the “character” of each…

The case for Dorothy Gale

You’ve got to be kidding. “There’s no place like home.” “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” “Lions and tiger and bears, oh my!” The blue gingham dress. Those ruby red slippers. Not to mention her definitive version of Over the Rainbow. It is no contest. You hear the name Judy Garland and what comes into your mind? That’s right: little Dorothy Gale who travelled the yellow brick road to get to The Wizard of Oz.

The case for Esther Blodgett

No doubt that when comparing movies Oz has it all over A Star is Born. But as we often remind readers here, this blog is about characters and characters only—not film. Time magazine gushed that Garland “gives what is just about the greatest one-woman show in modern movie history…” And Groucho Marx referred to Garland losing the Academy Award to Grace Kelly as “the biggest robbery since Brink’s.” Mrs. Norman Maine thanks you for your support!


Now that you’ve heard the arguments for both it’s time to render your verdict!