Can Amanda Bynes Save Her Career? Her Movie Rx

You thought she was cute as a button in The Amanda Show; you were impressed with her cinematic chops in What a Girl Wants (and were inspired when Michael Scott from The Office praised her leadership qualities); you were certain she was poised for even bigger and better things after John Waters’ sparkly musical remake of Hairspray

…and then?

Well. Maybe you were a little unsettled by her Maxim photo shoot. Maybe you took pity on her after the DUI arrest. Maybe you wanted everyone around her to sound the Lindsay Lohan Alarm after she took to Twitter

Amanda Bynes is either headed for, or already at, a genuine crossroads of crisis in her career. Is it too late to turn things around…even if she wanted to? Has Bynes flatlined as a truly bankable talent on the big screen? “Movie Irv” isn’t a doctor, but he’ll play one for this video podcast:

So, armchair filmsicians: Is it time to bring in Hawkeye Pierce…or Jack Kevorkian? “Doctor” Irv’s advice to Ms. Bynes went up on its YouTube home last week, and it looks like maybe she saw it just in time to maybe take that first step. Give us your prescription for Bynes’ future below.