Six Pix: Telephones

Six Pix presents a sextet of movie posters representing a particular actor/director/genre. You pick the one you feel is visually the most artistic or best sums up the film.

Six Pix answers the call for posters about telephones.


Included are: Sorry, Wrong Number (1948); Phone Call from a Stranger (1952); Dial M for Murder (1954); Telefon (1977); When a Stranger Calls (1979); and Phone Booth (2002).

Telephones—hey, remember them? Before email and Facebook and IM and Tweets and texts and cell phones you had only one way to get an important message out fast. Telephones figure prominently these movies, and, of course, especially on the posters shown here. All of the images are dialed into greatness, and I give them all a ringing endorsement. So what’s my call? I won’t leave you hanging on the line: The one I’d pick up is Dial M for Murder.

Which one do you think is the winner? Should I have included something else? Tell me about it below! (And please feel free to suggest future topics.)