Christopher Guest: Nigel Tufnel vs. Corky St. Clair

Christopher Guest: Nigel Tufnel vs. Corky St. Clair

One actor. Two film roles. You tell us which portrayal was the best. The most memorable. Or iconic. Or simply your favorite.

But before you pass judgment, a few words defending the “character” of each…

The case for Nigel Tufnel

His amps go to 11. He’s got an armadillo in his trousers. Doesn’t exactly know who the Druids were or what they were doing. For the life of him can’t figure out how round deli meats can possibly sit atop square melba toast. And doesn’t quite grasp the difference between what’s sexy or sexist. So Spinal Tap’s lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel straddles the fine line between stupid and clever. Doesn’t matter. There is only one sure thing: He’s gonna rock you. Oh yes, tonight he’s gonna rock you tonight!

The case for Corky St. Clair

How to describe Blaine, MO (by way of off-off-off-off Braodway) theatre director Corky St. Clair? The show biz veteran is always upbeat & gay (despite a couple tantrums caused by bastard people); he thinks kids would be lots happier if they had a Remains of the Day lunchbox; and Corky’s a people person who loves to “find” others—like when he discovered a new acting talent when shopping for his *cough* wife. The Waiting for Guffman star is the complete package. Councilman Steve Stark put it best: “He can act and he can sing and he can dance. There’s only one other person in the world who can do all that, and that’s Barbra Streisand.”

Now that you’ve heard the arguments for both it’s time to render your verdict!