Quick! 1-10, One Movie Title for Every Number

Proof that yes, Movie Irv dares to roll with zero advance on a question:

Irv didn’t know we’d have accepted the actual number (or spelled-out version of the number, etc.) at any position in the title (as in The Fifth Element counting for “5,” or Six Days, Seven Nights counting for either “6” or “7”), but hey, he didn’t ask either before he plowed ahead! 2001: A Space Odyssey, of course, would not count for “2,” but I really see no reason to quibble over the “and-a-half” titles passing muster. Yuma‘s a tough call, but let’s not get all cruel. I sense from his very first title he’s striving for originality.

Once again, we turn the challenge to you below. Let’s see your Top 10 List of 1-10 Movie Titles.

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