Pick Your Favorite Movie from the Year You Were Born

In the interests of full disclosure, before Irv takes over, I’ll provide my answer: Night of the Living Dead.

Of course, I didn’t say whether or not it was the black-and-white George A. Romero¬†1968 original¬†or the Tom Savini-directed 1990 remake. You can safely eliminate the 2006 3-D re-imagining (although yes, my 6-year-old self emerges from time to time), and just use any of my past posts to make your estimation of which film my particular tastes would elevate to a “favorite of” status, and thus discern my actual age.

The oddest thing about Irv’s pick was that it coincided with big news concerning the film’s star on the day of our shoot. Let’s end the suspense now:

Your turn. Have at it and let us know your favorite film from the year you were born.