You’re a Film Buff If…

Do you love classic movies? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here! But in case you are still uncertain, today’s guest post by Rick 29 will help you make up your mind once and for all:

Let’s dispense with any formal definition of “film buff.” I suggest that you’re a film buff if any of the following criteria apply to you:

1. While channel surfing, you join a good movie in progress, and watch the rest of the movie (even though it may require you to adjust your plans for the rest of the day).

2. After you watch a movie, you go look up its cast and crew to learn more about them.

3. While reading about the cast and crew, you see they were in another interesting movie, and start reading about that one. Then, while reading about that movie, you’re diverted to another and so on. (This happens to me far too frequently…I sometimes forget what film I was reading about in the first place.)

4. You browse through the TV schedule as soon as it’s published and set your video recording device to ensure you don’t miss any desired movies.

5. You’re willing to give a famous movie a second chance even though you didn’t like it the first time around. (I was proud of my wife for giving Shane another try; she still didn’t like it…though I do!)

6. You keep a list of movies you want to see, but haven’t. (These may not even be famous films. Joseph Losey’s Finger of Guilt with Richard Basehart is on my list of want-to-see movies.)

7. You provide family members and friends with a list of DVDs as gift ideas for you.

8. You make family and friends watch classic movies with you…at least the ones you feel are required viewing.

9. You play movie games with family and friends on long trips. My wife and I play a variation of 20 Questions with movies and then challenge each other to list a specified number of movies starring a particular actor or about a particular subject (e.g., name 20 dog movies, 15 films with Cary Grant, all the James Bond films–bonus if in chronological order, etc.).

10. You read movie blogs–like you’re doing now!

Do you consider yourself to be a film buff? If so, let us know why in the comments!

Rick29 is a film reference book author and a regular contributor at the Classic Film & TV Café , on Facebook and Twitter. He’s a big fan of MovieFanFare, too, of course!