What’s Your Favorite Movie Stunt?

Who doesn’t remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (or, more accurately, Mr. Newman’s and Mr. Redford’s stunt doubles) jumping off that cliff? Can cinema fans ever forget James Bond skiing off the edge of Mount Asgard? (Well, I did indeed forget that it was Mount Asgard, but I did the honorable thing and credited the Bond fan who helped me fix my careless mistake) And, what movie maven doesn’t treasure the hair-raising work of Harold Lloyd or the (still) record-holding 220-foot freefall of the late and legendary stuntman Dar Robinson, tumbling backwards out of a skyscraper in Sharky’s Machine?

With these immortal gags in mind, let’s Ask Movie Irv to share what filmic feats top his list of favorite movie stunts:

Agreed? In the age of digital effects, we may have lost a little of our appreciation for the stuntperson’s craft. Rectify that by adding your own memories of your favorite jaw-dropping movie moments below!